Safari Narayani Hotel

Ghatgain, Pathihani, Chitwan, Nepal

US$300 - US$450

Safari Narayani Hotel: A short scenic drive from Kathmandu and in the centre of the Chitwan valley, this jungle hotel features spacious guestrooms in rustic style country cottages. Located on a bluff overlooking the Rapti River and the national Park beyond, Safari Narayani Hotel is an ideal getaway for those seeking solace from the frenzied 21st century lifestyle. it has a total of 52 well-furnished rooms, with private bathroom, ceiling fan, air-conditioning, and complimentary mineral water. The resort organizes regular jungle safaris and other outdoor activities.

The national park is subtropical jungle of which 70% is Sal forest, Grassland cover 20% of the park . There are more than 50 different types of grasses, including the elephant grass (Saccharum spp.), renowned for its immense height. It can grow up to 8m in height ! The shorter grasses (Imperate spp.) are used for roof thatching, and mats, rope and paper making. The remaining area are Riverine forest, water holes, sandy banks and flood plains. Rest of Chitwan valley is mainly agricultural area with patches of Sal forests. The Chitwan valley is bounded by Churia hills on the south and the Mahabharata range to the north.

One horned rhinoceros, Gaur (bison), Deer (Sambar, spotted, Barking and Hog deer), Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Elephant, Leopards, Jungle cats and civets, wild dogs and jackals, Langurs and rhesus monkeys, hornbills, folricans, storks and ducks, Snakes, Lizards, crocodiles and frogs are among few of the fauna that can be found in Chitwan.

In all 50 species of mammals, 525 species of birds, 55 amphibians and reptiles, over 100 species of fish and 2 species of crocodiles can be found here.

Many ethnic groups abound here from Chepangs to Tharus. Visits to ethnic villages are always a delight. Also there are a number of centres of religious importance where annual fair and pilgrimages are held.

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