Barahi Jungle Lodge

Andhrauli Jitpur, Meghauli, Chitwan

US$140 - US$1200

Barahi jungle lodge has a rejuvenating spa and a world class pool. spread over 12 hectares, it offers 35 boutique rooms, built as individual and two-in-one private villas, with the rooms featuring a blend of contemporary and traditional nepali furnishings and indigenous elements. All the rooms open to a private balcony. the lodge provides a multicuisine culinary experience enhanced with organically grown products. the tiger’s den bar by the pool serves a wide selection of spirits. The evenings are filled with lively cultural performances.

The architecture and interiors seamlessly blend with the jungle. The architecture includes use of local bamboo, sustainable wood in furnishing and decoration highlighted with elegant interiors. The lodge is river facing imbued with a sense of serenity. Moreover, the lodge has got an infinity pool for relaxation and for observing wildlife from the comforts of the lodge. The lodge also has a quality wellness spa that offers Ayurvedic therapies. Since the lodge is located near the river, it serves as a starting point for all the various activities which makes our lodge unique.

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