Gokyo Resort

Gokyo Lake Marg, Khumjung 56000

Nestled amidst the stunning natural grandeur of famed ice peaks of Everest region, ‘Gokyo’ is a capturing and magnetic word to any mountain-lover worldwide. This probably is the only place in the world, one can view right in front of you and experience the first hand thrills of majestic peaks of the region. To facilitate this experience a comfortable accommodation has come into being right in the heart of Gokyo- ‘ the Gokyo Resort’.

Gokyo Resort was built in local ethnic flavor, the resort house is an insulated building (toward off theĀ  chilling cold of the region) . Almost every room has a window commanding the superb view of the Himalayas and Gokyo lake. For the convenience of the visitors, the resort also has provision of private delux well furnished rooms and dormitory insulated with inside toilet. The Dining room is a spacious warm room with superb view of surrounding mountains and Gokyo lake, the dining room has a capacity of more than 80 seats and it serves delicious and hygienic cuisine. The menu offers Continental Chinese Indian and Nepali food, including wide choice of different beverage .The other facilities and services includes: Solar/Gas Hot Shower , Sun-room and dry room, Souvenir and Book shop , Satellite Telephone, Internet and wifi service, Rescue Flights and good advice for trekking .

  • Air Conditioning
  • Wireless Internet
  • Room Service
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Complimentary refreshments